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Why are you called ‘The Humble Scoop’?

We named ourselves The Humble Scoop, as the idea for our ice cream shop stemmed from a humble wish to make people happy with the ice creams that we create.

Where are your ice creams from?

We actually make all our ice creams from scratch in The Humble Scoop at Katong Shopping Center itself. We do not use any colorings, flavourings or additives in our ice creams, so you may have a peace of mind whilst enjoying them !

Do you guys do catering or live stations?

Yes we do both actually! You can have your ice creams delivered in pre-scooped cups of your choice of ice cream or you can have us do a live ice cream station at your event! Click here for more information! Alternatively, please feel free to contact us for any enquiries! Our friendly scoopers are always happy to assist! 

Do you only have ice creams?

We have coffee, tea and waffles for now, but we will be introducing more baked goodies to complement our ice creams soon.

Do your ice creams contain eggs?

Nope! No eggs were harmed during the production of our ice cream.

Where you guys somewhere else previously? Is this your only shop in Katong Shopping Center?

The Humble Scoop at Katong Shopping Centre is our first branch and we have just opened our newest outlet at Stars of Kovan in June 2021. Do come visit us!

Do you do customization of ice creams?

We would be happy to do customizations. Please do contact us so that we can better understand your needs and requirements!

Can I buy the entire tub from you?

Of course you can purchase an entire tub (5L) of our current flavours from us! But please do give us a lead time of 1 week for smaller quantity orders, and 2 weeks for larger quantities. Basic flavours are $100, and premium flavours are $110.

Do you sell pints? If so, how big is your pint?

Yes we do! Basic flavours are $15, and premium flavours are $18. It contains about 5 full scoops of ice creams.  If you are walking in to purchase the pints, please note that we scoop our ice creams fresh from the display, so the flavours are based on what we have for the day, and also on best availability basis. However if you should like a specific flavour that is not available , you may place a pre-order with us at least 3 days in advance (excluding weekends), so that we may prepare it for you.

Do you provide dry ice for take away pints?

Unfortunately we do not provide dry ice. However you may bring your own cooler bag (recommended!) or purchase a cooler bag from us at $2.00(suitable for 3 pints) or $3.00(fit up to 6 pints) each. As we scoop our ice creams pints fresh, and our display temperature is not as cold as a storage freezer, the ice creams may not last more than 20 minutes journey time.

You can always place your orders with us ahead of time, so that we may freeze it to a colder temperature, in which you may travel longer journeys without worrying too much about your ice cream pints! (Record was 2 hours by bus to Yishun)

Do you do deliveries?

We are doing deliveries by location over the weekend ourselves for now, so we ask for your patience as we may take a few days to get your ice creams to you upon placing your order. Our delivery menu flavours change weekly so please do check it out on our Facebook / Instagram! You can text your orders, address and recipient contact to 8803 5981. There is a $6 delivery charge per address, and there is a minimum order of 2 pints per address. (p.s. We are looking to get onto a delivery platform soon to shorten the wait time for our valued customers! )