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The reason we decided to open The Humble Scoop stemmed from a humble wish to make people happy with the food that we created. “But why ice cream though?” many friends, family and customers have asked.

Simply because ice cream makes people happy. People have ice creams when they are happy, when they are celebrating; but they also eat it when they need something to cheer them up and to make themselves feel better after a tough day. No one eats ice cream and feels sad, that’s why we decided finally settled on an ice cream shop.

Henceforth, the name The Humble Scoop followed, to serve as a constant reminder of our initial intention, and to put our customers first.

We make locally inspired ice cream as we wanted to bring back memories of growing up in Singapore –a simpler, happier time -to indulge our inner child, and hopefully to pass on the flavor memories to the younger crowd.


Cony the cat sits with its butt facing the customers in a position called –The Loaf. It is when a cat tucks its paws underneath itself. Cats only loaf when they are happy, contented and relaxed, with their butts towards you if they completely trust you.

We hope you, our customer, will similarly feel happy and contented after having our ice creams, and will continue to trust us as their choice of go-to ice cream.

p.s. Cony sits in a cone because it is behaving in Issac Mewton’s first law of cats –
If it fits, I sits!